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Emma Bedspread As house-proud owners, we spend thousands on renovations and decorations but can sometimes leave out the most essential parts of our homes - our bedrooms. Since we spend our most intimate moments in our bedrooms, it's only practical to make it one of the most comfortable and welcoming place in the house, where we can de-stress, rest and let everything hang loose at the end of a hectic, tiring day.

To create a blissful, peaceful and pleasant bedroom, here are a few tips to help you achieve the desired effect effortlessly:

Keep it clutter-free
Nothing beats coming back to a tidy home and bedroom, where you can essentially 'crash' and not worry about knocking things over or flattening something which you should not. If you constantly put things away, or into their proper places, you should not have any major mishaps. Besides, a clutter-free environment is easy on the eyes, the mirror to your soul, and will indirectly keep you from being stressed.

Throw out the electronics
Your laptop, computer and television are all distractions of your rest and sleep. Finish off what ever you need to finish, switch off and rest. Besides, it gives you quality quiet time with your loved spouse, your children and even yourself. So, spend some down time in the serenity of your bedroom and rest well without disturbances.

Color it beautiful
White is best to keep rooms cool as it reflects light, but bedrooms are quite a bit different as it serves a different purpose. A calming and earthy color like brown and beige are great for a masculine room with character while a room painted soft pink enthuses romance. Colors affects moods, so choose wisely to help create the mood you desire.

Lights down
White lights are great for reading or doing sight-intensive work but not suitable in a bedroom. Warm, yellow lighting that cast romantic shadows on the walls are more suited in a bedroom, while giving it a dazzling, sophisticated feel to seduce those getting ready for bed. A Multi Color Cocoa Leaves Table Lamp (see picture on the right) is exquisite and exudes a mysterious charm when lighted.

Natural lighting
Whenever possible, introduce natural light into your bedroom to 'recharge' its energies besides encouraging good ventilation in your bedroom. Clever use of blinds, curtains and shutters changes the look of your bedroom from day to night and refreshes you each time you indulge in rest and relax.

Spring Blossom Panels
Woven in a subtle, all-over leaf design with matte and polished yarns for a tactile, damask effect.

Pleated Fabric Shade
Pleated Fabric Shades: These essential fabric shades filter out light for a great night's sleep.

Feed your senses
The lingering scents of perfumes that greet you each time you enter your bedroom can immediately put you into a relaxing mood. Unknowingly, the calming aroma kneads your tension away while your nerves can relax. So, invest in aromatherapy burners or scented candles to help set you in the right mood to end the day in a positive and stress-free condition.

Aroma oils have various benefits - it can uplift, stimulate, detoxify, and help you relax. So, make sure you select the right oils or scents to give yourself the desired effect. You don't want to over-stimulate yourself when you actually want to relax. Lavender and Ylang-ylang are the safest bets as relaxing oils.

Then, there's scented candles which not only emit a wonderful scent, but they also give out a romantic glow and cast sensual shadows in your bedroom, and prepares you for any late night activities.

So, make your bedroom your sanctuary and create a loving, tension-free environment. You deserve to be pampered and rejuvenated to face another day.

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