Decorating with Islamic Calligraphy

Calligraphy by Abdul Aziz Ar-Rafai When I first saw an Islamic Calligraphy at a friend's house, I was so captivated by its beauty that I had to have it on my wall in my guest room. Since then, I've become a collector of sorts of Islamic Calligraphy in different forms, inscribing different Surah, Aayat or just Allah.

Islamic Calligraphy was made popular by various Islamic calligraphers including Abdul Aziz Ar-Rafai (see picture on the top left) and Arif Bay Afendi (below right), both from Turkey, Abdul Majeed Parveen Raqam from Pakistan, Muhammad Badawi Derani (lower left) from Syria and many more outstanding artists.

Calligraphy by Arif Bay Afendi Today there are many more Islamic calligraphers, using newer art-forms, turning Islamic calligraphy into masterpieces. They come in brass, wood-carved, copper-tooled and even animal skins, like goat's skin, mounted and framed prettily. They make excellent house warming gifts, retirement gifts and even as a wedding gift to remind the newlyweds of their responsibility towards each other as decreed by Allah, the most Loving.

These beautifully inscribed pieces can adorn any wall and immediately brightens its surroundings, lending an air of serenity and constantly reminding us of Allah and His greatness. Only Allah can inspire these calligraphers to produce such magnificent work of art which has also captivated peoples of other religions.

Calligraphy by Muhammad Badawi Derani Hopefully, by decorating our homes with these masterpieces can inspire us to be better Muslims and Muslimahs while giving opportunity to our non-Muslim guests to admire the Muslims' work of art.

If you are into handicraft why not try your skills in cross stitching? If you need some inspiration to produce your own islamic cross stitch 'calligraphy' patterns simply go to and search for "Arabic cross stich Calligraphy Designs" for plenty of ideas. Alternatively you may want to take a look at the Islamic Calligraphy selection at Islamic Goods Direct, they ship worldwide.

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