Instant Home Makeover with Fabrics

  • No cash but desperately want to transform a room?
  • Bored with the old room?
  • Can't spare the time to wait for a massive renovation?
Instant Home Makeover with Fabrics When you have eventually made a decision on the concept of a room that you want to change, try to focus on the fabric that you would like to use. Using fabrics to transform a room is one of the most inexpensive ways to achieve your goal. Still can't believe it? Take some time to read the tips below, it might surprise you!

Decide What You Like
Different fabrics portray different personalities. First, you have to decide on the concept that you would like to have for the chosen room. Then focus on the fabrics depending on your personality.

If you're the cheerful type then casual fabrics will be the best, for example denim or homespun. Well, if you are the sophisticated type, then velvet or silk would be better. If the room that you are decorating is for your children, then try choosing fun patterns or cartoon characters.

Instant Home Makeover with Fabrics Let your imagination lead the way.

Deciding On The Theme
Being honest is something that you got to have while transforming your room. It depends on you whether you want to make the room to look cosy or you want the room to have a concept. (Like Zen, Minimalist Look or Oriental)

A Boring Room
If you want the room to be alive, try experimenting with pattern and colors. Add more vibrant in the tones of the fabrics.

Instant Home Makeover with Fabrics Brightening A Dark Room
Light colors and light reflective fabrics that have a natural lustre to them should be the choice in uplifting the dark moods of a room. For example, satins and chintzes instantly brighten up a gloomy room. Dark colored fabrics should be reserved for rooms that you mainly use at night. Throw in a few decorative pillows, loveseat and chairs to dress up the room.

Look Out the Window
If you have a beautiful garden outside your room, bring the beauty indoors with carefully chosen fabrics and colors. This is quite simply a case of creating a garden in your room. Choose green and flower based fabrics. You'll be pleasantly surprised of the outcome from these selections.

Instant Home Makeover with Fabrics Sheer Draperies & Heavy Rich Colored Fabrics
Both fabrics can be used in providing a dramatic statement in a room via window treatment. Heavy Rich colored fabric is very famous with their strong color and eye catching patterns. Sheer Draperies on the other hand, bring a light and a sunny feel into the room. By combining the two fabrics, you'll feel the luxuriousness of the room.

Tired old sofas, wing chairs that look as if they've lost their life can be brought back fairly simply and inexpensively by introducing colors, textures and comfortable fabrics.

If a more drastic cover up is needed, the easiest thing is to cover up with a throw. Alternatively, give your furniture a new look by using slipcovers. When choosing new fabrics, it is wise to go for neutral color relying on its textures for interest so that it can blend in with other furniture. Then, when it is in situ, dress it up with colored pattern cushions or decorative pillows.

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