Preparing for Ramadhan

Preparing for Ramadhan Muslims the world over look forward to observe Ramadhan as it is the month of revelation of the Holy Qur'an, of getting closer to Almighty Allah, and a month of social and religious activities among us. As such, preparations to welcome Ramadhan are quite necessary to ensure all rules of Ramadhan are properly adhered to. Here are some tips to help make Ramadhan a breeze:

  • Start reading the Qur'an after Salaat al-Fajr daily - this will put you in the habit of performing taraweeh every evening without a hitch

  • Spend time listening to recitations from the Qur'an - with new technologies like MP3, there's no excuse not to listen anymore

  • Train yourself to sleep early - get into the habit of turning in early so that you'll awaken for Salaat al-Fajr

  • Keep yourself in the state of wudu' (abulation) most of the time - the holy Prophet (SAAWS) said "Wudu' is the key to prayer as prayer is the key to Paradise. Islam lays extreme stress on cleanliness and 'TAHART'". A purified body leads to purity of mind, so this is good training and excellent habit to acquire.

  • Evaluate yourself daily before going to bed - recall your words, deeds and thoughts and thank Allah for good and joyous happenings while repent to Him for any mistakes. Surely, Allah is most forgiving.

  • Start giving Sadaqah - no matter how small or large your contribution, what's more important is the habit of giving to charity, not unlike eating and sleeping.

  • Spend more time reading or writing Islamic literature - sometimes, listening may be insufficient, and reading or writing Islamic contents will inculcate a sense of oneness with Allah, bringing you closer to Him than ever.

  • Associate with Muslim scholars/ulama or other pious people so you may learn from them - learning is a continuous process, and so is Islam, which you should immerse yourself in the beauty and fragrance of Allah's commands and the Prophet(SAAWS)'s guides.

  • Train yourself to do good deeds, render free service to others to seek the pleasure of Allah - "Anyone who believes in Allah and the Last Day should speak with goodness, or otherwise hold his peace." [Saheeh Muslim] During Ramadhan, you should not merely restrain from food, drinks and smoking but also restrained in your speech, sights and deeds. You should train yourself to speak of goodness, see pleasant sights and perform admirable deeds to be in Allah's favor.

Preparing ourselves prior to Ramadhan is far better than not at all. Appropriate preparation for anything in life is a sign of wisdom and maturity, and no one is assured of living another day; so tomorrow may never come for some. Thus, let's stay prepared, and hurry to benefit from the blessings and rewards from Allah.

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