Table Manners

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

On Manners

  • Hadith narrated by Muslim:"When anyone of you eats, let him eat with his right hand, and if he drinks, let him drink with his right hand, for the Shaytaan eats with his left hand."
  • Hadith narrated by Bukhari and Muslim: Prophet (SAAWS) said "Mention the name of Allah, eat with your right hand, and eat from what is directly in front of you."
  • Imam Ghazali said, 'To eat at a table is to make eating easier and there is nothing against that.'
On Cutlery: Gold & Silver
  • Bukhari narrated that Huzaifa said, the Prophet (SAAWS) said 'Do not drink in golden or silver cups nor eat in such plates.' The reason behind the prohibition of using golden or silver cutlery is that it is against the spirit of Islamic modesty and pomposity which is not the Islamic way of life.
  • The Prophet (SAAWS) is reported to have said: "Do not drink from vessels of gold or silver, and do not eat from plates made (of gold or silver). They are for them (the unbelievers) in this world and for us in the Hereafter." (Reported by Al-Bukhari and Muslim)
In Muslim culture, it is an honor to have guests coming to your house. Having guests is not only about the home arrangement or the foods. It's about the intention of making your guests happy by sharing whatever you have.

As a Muslimah, we must respect and honor our guests. If they visit during lunch or dinner time, we should ask them to join us. It is good manners to serve them food, however late. You are encouraged to use your best dining ware and serving trays in order to please your guests. Using the best is not to show off our things, but to honor our guests.

When it comes to dining; be it with family members or guests, only one rule applies-everything is about the ambience. As women, we always want to serve the best to them. Do you know how to ensure your tableware complements your room setting? We have some ideas here for grabs:

Linden Street Hemstitch Table Linens Linden Street® Hemstitch Table Linens
The Red table linen is perfect for any occasion. It complements well with light colored wall. You can add some fresh flowers at the table. Beautiful & refreshing!
Linden Street Basic 32-pc. White Square Dinnerware Linden Street® Basic 32-pc. White Square Dinnerware
If the table linen used is in dark color, choose lighter color for dinnerware. This white square dinner ware matches perfectly with the red Linden table linens.
Wedgwood Franciscan Desert Rose Wedgwood® Franciscan Desert Rose
If you are romantic at heart, this dinnerware is a must have. The delicate detailed Desert Rose pattern on the plates puts you in the mood for food. Yummy!
Godinger Dublin Goblets Set Godinger® Dublin Goblets Set
Add elegance and sophistication to your next gathering with this exquisite Dublin crystal. This popular pattern is a perennial favorite for its beauty and clean lines.
fabulous flatware Dining is incomplete without fabulous flatware. Even though it's encouraged to use hand & fingers while eating there's nothing wrong with using fork & spoon, especially when you have multiracial guests. This elegantly-crafted flatware set is ideal for both casual and fine dining.

NOTE: Click on any of the individual pictures above for more detailed info about them. A good selection of dinnerware, flatware, table linens, and drinkware can be found at JC Penny.

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