Use Scarves as Home Decoration

Click for Product Details Scarves are not limited to being fashion accessories; they can be great home decoration accessories, too, if you know how. The gorgeous fashion scarves can help to make over your uninspiring home into a sensational one. Assimilate the scarves with your existing deco to give a fresh new mood.
Adorn your outmoded throw pillows
Cover a nice-looking scarf over the pillow and tie a double knot to secure it from untangling. You might not have more than one of the same scarfs; get similar color tone of scarves, doesn't matter if the motifs are different. This will make the decoration more attractive.

Frame the most enchanting scarf in your collection
Choose one that has vivid colors with distinct print styles which works very well on a monotonous wall. You can frame several atypical scarves that complement each other on your long hallway. You can see the cheery mode instantly.

Click for Product Details Set a romantic atmosphere
Drape a transparent lovely scarf over your lampshades which will set a comfy and intimate mood. It will create a dim and subtle tone that surrounds your room.

Transform your scarf as a table centerpiece
Instead of using the old method like flowers as a focus, wrapped attractive scarf on a vase and create a bow as well. You can do this, for two to three smaller vases and arrange them in such a way that the bows are facing where it can be seen clearly.

Use long scarves as table runner
Pashminas are perfect for this purpose; utilize the one that's a bit thick to avoid the shawls from slipping out of place. Another trick to keep the shawl in place is to set heavy centerpieces on top of it. You can use vases, decorative boxes or charming table clock.

Click for Product Details Apart from the scarves, old curtains work wonderfully as well. You just have to be creative in transforming your house. Now you know it's not a waste to buy beautiful scarves right? Beautiful scarves have more value than you know and are great assets in home decoration.
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