To Dine In or to Dine Out, that's the Question

Click cover for Details Dining out is a popular choice especially among singles and youngsters. Married couples with kids can dine out easily too; just get behind the wheel, get to your desired destination and enjoy your meal. Although eating out is sometimes cheaper than having a meal at home, dining in provides a healthier choice as you can decide on healthier ingredients like organic vegetables. Besides dining together at home can strengthen family ties as well.

Click cover for Details Eating at home has many benefits particularly to people who have health issues like diabetes or high cholesterol levels. If you're perfectly healthy, eating at home is great as well because you can control the Trans fat intake in your foods. The Trans fats are unnatural fats synthetically produced; which can do more harm to your body than good. The foods in store are labeled with the Trans fats but the labeling rule is not applicable to restaurants or bakeries. So, the possibility is higher for you to consume the Trans fat while dining out.

Click cover for Details Eating at home will give you the power to decide what goes into your meal and how your meal should taste. A good example are these gluten free, dairy free and preservative free recipes from the Paleo Cookbook Series (see picture on the left). Spending time in your kitchen gives you endless possibilities to create healthy and tasty meals. You can omit the artificial coloring, salt, flavoring and the Trans fats too. Replace these ingredients with natural flavors like those available at (click here for details). If possible use organic ingredients in your home cook meals.

Click cover for Details Another benefit of dining home is control over your serving portions. Indirectly, you can control your weight gain. Restaurants' portions are usually huge compared to what you serve at home and once served, you have the tendency to finish them all. Having large meals may cause weight gain or lethargy, so it's better to eat smaller meals frequently that helps to burn more calories and prevent us from consuming more calories than necessary.

It's hard to make a shift from something you're comfortable with. Start with one day home meal a week, increase gradually to two, three and so on. Start off with simple recipes that use simple ingredients.Check out the cook books shown on this page for quick and healthy recipes. Your dinner will be ready in no time.

Abu Hurairah, Radiyallahu 'anhu, reported that the Messenger of Allah, Sallallahu 'alayhi wasallam, said: "Verily Allah the Exalted is pure. He does not accept but that which is pure. Allah commands the believers with what He commanded the Messengers. Allah the Almighty has said: "O you Messengers! Eat of the good things and act righteously" [23:51-53]. And Allah the Almighty also said: "O you who believe! Eat of the good things that We have provided you with" [2:167-172]. Then he (the Prophet) mentioned (the case of) the man who, having journeyed far, is dishevelled and dusty and who stretches out his hands to the sky (saying): "O Lord! O Lord!" (while) his food was unlawful, his drink was unlawful, his clothing was unlawful, and he is nourished with unlawful things, so how can he be answered?"

Any changes in your lifestyle must be accompanied with strong will and determination. You are responsible for what you feed to your body and always remember your body is just on loan from Allah; you'll return it once you enter Barzakh (definition here). Take good care of yourself; no one else can do it for you.

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