Simple Beauty Tricks: Camouflage your tired looks

Simple Beauty Tricks: Camouflage your tired looks
Do you loathe hearing how tired you look? Here are some wonderful tips to help set the sparkle back on your lovely features in no time!

    Simple Beauty Tricks: Camouflage your tired looks
  • The easiest would be, apply pink lipstick and Simply Karen Mineral Blush as this particular color instantly lights up your face.

  • To have"wide-awake" eyes, apply mascara only on your upper eyelashes, then curl them with eye curler.

  • Mix a bit of eye shadow on the inner corners of your eyes to perk up that area.

  • When applying concealer under your eyes to cover the dark circles, look straight into the mirror instead of looking upwards. You tend to apply more concealer when you look upwards.

  • Matte makeup can make you look a bit unnatural. Mix your make up textures, use matte foundation with shimmery blush.

  • Apply some white eyeliner along the rim of your lower lashes, which can perk up your tired eyes.

  • Simple Beauty Tricks: Camouflage your tired looks
  • Dark circle is a common problem. To reduce the unflattering look, wrap slices of raw potatoes in wet paper towel and place them over your eyes for about 15 minutes.

  • Most dark circles look bluish or violet. To neutralize it, use opposite colors like peach, orange or yellow. After using the color corrector (i.e. the Simply Karen Mineral Bronzer & All Over Color shown above) apply a concealer or foundation to smoothen out the skin which will make it look more natural.

  • Shaping eyebrows works for some people, which may make you look fresher than usual.

  • Your face loses its color when you are worn out; apply Simply Karen Mineral Bronzer under cheekbones, at the jawbone and over the edges of your face.

  • Take both cold and hot shower in the morning. Alternately using hot and cold water can increase blood circulation, thus returning color to your skin.

  • Changes in your hairstyle ca boost your fatigued look. Layer the hair, create fringes; minor changes are able to make a lot of difference. Highlighting your hair can also give the same effect.

Finally, to look fresh everyday; get at least eight hours of quality sleep every night, eat healthily, drink lots of water, and exercise regularly.

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