Face Massaging

Face massaging
The dos and don’ts of face massaging

1. Use appropriate amount of massage cream in order not to dry out your hands as dry hands will hinder the massaging process and you’ll create more wrinkles.

2. Don’t use excessive massage cream too, especially if you have sensitive skin as it can cause breakouts. Use massage cream moderately.

3. You are not encouraged to use your palm while massaging the face because your skin will receive too much stimulation. Use fingers only during face massage.

4. Do the massage using ‘inside-out’ and upward motion.

5. If the massaging technique is wrong, it will only expedite the aging process and encourage breakouts.

6. Don’t massage too often, as it will stimulate skin excessively and cause many skin problems like acne.

7. You should enjoy a face massage once a month. Pamper yourself, you deserve it.

FACIAL MASSAGER: Stimulate your skin and encourage the absorption of moisturizers with this ingenious mini massager instead of using fingers.

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