Make-up Mistakes to avoid

Make-up colors and trends change with the seasons, and stylish fashionistas have no qualms following these changes. However, there are a few make-up tips that don't change, as they're meant to help you look your best whatever the seasons. Here are 5 of the most common make-up mistakes you should be smart enough to know and avoid:

Simply Karen Mineral Foundation SPF 15 1. Base basics By now, you should realize that you are a natural beauty, for Allah is all-perfect and He makes you as beautiful as possible. What you do with your beauty and how you manipulate your make-up to enhance or denounce your beauty is up to you. So, don't cover your beauty with a lot of heavy make-up. Instead, apply foundation or tinted moisturizers to give a flawless finish to uneven skin tone. Picking the right foundation color is important as you wouldn't want to look like a clown or a sun-baked chick. Wearing the wrong foundation color will only accentuate your flaws like fine lines, wrinkles and creases. So, take the time to choose a suitable color for your skin tone and invest in a good foundation like Simply Karen Mineral Foundation, with SPF 15. It brushes on like a silky powder that stays put all day, provides excellent coverage for a natural glow and has anti-inflammatory qualities that covers redness, acne and discoloration, and calms irritation.

2. Eye mystique Usually, the easiest thing to do to enhance the eyes is to line it. For beginners, use an eyeliner. Once your hands are steady enough, go for liquid eyeliners, which give better definition and a more glamorous look. Draw a line along the root of the lashes from the inner to the outer edge of your eye and slant it upwards subtly no more than a tad bit further for that dramatically sexy 'Cleopatra' look. Get some serious help from Simply Karen Indelible Eyes - Automatic eyeliner with sponge blender. Your eyeliner will stay on all day with this special anti-oxidant enriched formula. Line and define your eyes, then blend with the attached sponge blender for that perfectly smokey look.

DuWop Eye Palettes Amber Eyes As you get older, steer clear of frosted and glittering eye shadow. They will only emphasize your eye lids - which make matters worse if you haven't had enough sleep or had a poor skincare routine. Instead wear neutral mattes; they give a more flattering look. Also, we're way pass the 60's era to still smudge on electric blue shadows or pink shadows to match pink blushers and lipsticks. Leave the lime green and bright yellow shadows for stage performances and Halloween parties, too. You can create endless day and night looks with the sleek DuWop Eye Palettes that comes with a professional, double-ended brush for easy, perfect application.

LipFusion Micro Injected Collagen Color Shine Bloom 3. Lip smackers I'm not sure who started the darker lip liner fad, but I personally feel it was a bad make-up mistake. This happens when you line your outer lip with a much darker shade of lip color, then apply a much lighter shade on the insides, or even worse, just gloss over your lippies. Go for the nude look all you want, but leave out the darker lip liner thingy. At least you wouldn't look hideous. If you really must line your lips, then use a lip liner that mimics your lip color or darker, the most, by 2 shades compared to your actual lip color. Another word of caution; do not over-gloss. If you think that having globs of gloss will make your lips more kissable, think again! Too much gloss is a turn-off. LipFusion Micro Injected Collagen Color Shine Bloom is a hot favorite. It plumps the lips with its moisturizing treatment formula, making lips feel fabulous throughout the day.

Collage Powder 4. Blush blush Blush is supposed to give you a flushed, healthy natural glow. Avoid looking like Bozo when applying blushers by observing 3 simple rules. First, toss out the teeny weeny blush brush that came with it. Replace with a bigger brush that will distribute the colors more evenly. Try Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Kabuki Brush. Its incredibly soft brush loads powders easily and distributes evenly, making powder application a snap. Second, where you apply the blush can make you look younger or older. Smile and sweep blush in short, upward strokes on the apples of your cheeks. Blend it into your hairline without leaving any visible blush lines. Third, choose a color that is closest to your skin tone after you've ran or exercised for an hour, like rosy pink or pinky peach hues. If you're half as fickle as me, go for Bren Collage Powder in Aurora (picture above) or Cheret. You can't go wrong with these mixes; they add a tinge of pink and brown on top of the peach base, giving you an instant glow!

Mascara 5. Clumpy Mascara Wearing mascara is a necessary evil if you really want to look awake. To keep clumps off your lashes, blot the end of the wand on a piece of tissue to clean off excess, as opposed to the opening of the tube. Place wand at the base of lashes and wiggle from side to side till the ends of your lashes to avoid clumps. Apply repeatedly until you reach the desired effect. Waterproof mascara is a very safe bet; it doesn't run and give you raccoon eyes. Simply Karen Long & Luscious Mascara is smudgeproof and it's state-of-art brush is formulated to lengthen lashes without clumping; it's worth your every penny.

Your beauty is a full package, so you should not neglect any area, or concentrate on one or two areas only. I'm sure you want the whole you to shine; you want people to take notice of you as a whole. So, spend some time for yourself, and remember to keep these make-up mistakes at arms length.

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