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Night Cream

Night is the best time to restore your skin cells.

Night creams are important in your beauty regime

As time goes by, skin will lose the ability to fight pre-matured aging process which promotes the development of fine lines and wrinkles. Read More: Night Cream


Powders to suit your budget.

Pressed powder formulation helps hide blemishes, correct and cover imperfections.

Here is our favourite selection based on different price categories. Read More: Powders to suit your budget.

Face Massage

Face Massage

The dos and don´ts of face massaging

A relaxing face massage can do wonders for your skin - here's how to do it right. Read More: Face Massaging

The Miracle of Sea Salt

The Miracle of Sea Salt

Sea Salt is useful and versatile.

If you can invest some of your precious time, do your own spa at home with sea salt treatments. Read More: The Miracle of Salt

Battle against the wrinkles

Battle against the wrinkles

Wrinkles start as early as when you are in your twenties.

Here are some of the best anti ageing products which received great and reviews. Read More: Battle against the wrinkles

Simple Beauty Tricks: Camouflage your tired looks

Simple Beauty Tricks: Camouflage your tired looks

Do you loathe hearing how tired you look?

Here are some wonderful tips to help set the sparkle back on your lovely features in no time! Read More: Simple Beauty Tricks: Camouflage your tired looks

Make-up Mistakes to avoid

Make-up Mistakes to avoid

Look your best whatever the seasons

Here are 5 of the most common make-up mistakes you should be smart enough to know and avoid. Read More: Make-up Mistakes to avoid

Nail It with Gorgeous Nails

Nail It with Gorgeous Nails

Gorgeous, perfect nails are a girl's dream come true

Here are a few quick tips to get them in great condition. Read More: Nail It with Gorgeous Nails

Beautiful in 5 minutes

Beautiful in 5 Minutes

Beauty Tips for Muslimahs who are always in a hurry

Here's a great plan to come out beautiful with any given 5 minutes, and look as though you've spent hours getting the look. Read More: Beautiful in 5 Minutes

Eco-friendly Beauty Tips

8 Eco-friendly Beauty Tips

We love make-up, but that doesn't mean we can't love Mother Earth, too

There are quite a number of things we can do to help the earth while staying beautiful, and here are a few short tips on what you can do to help the environment. Read More: Eco-friendly Beauty Tips

Help for Sensitive-Skin

Help for Sensitive Skin

Some prevention measures to stay clean and healthy

Despite covering ourselves with scarves and face covers, we still find that our skin experience the occasional burst of bad reaction which can be caused by a variety of reasons. Read More: Help for Sensitive-Skin

Perk Up Your Pretty Peepers

Perk Up Your Pretty Peepers

Your eyes are the mirror to your soul

The eye area is riddled with numerous beauty woes like wrinkles, crow-feet, dark circles and puffiness and needs special treatment. Read More on Perk Up Your Pretty Peepers

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