Nail It with Gorgeous Nails

Nail It with Gorgeous Nails Gorgeous, perfect nails are a girl's dream come true, but sporting healthy, beautiful nails is not easy for everyone. That said, it is not impossible either. You just need to take some precautionary steps and make some genuine effort to pamper and care for your nails, as well-groomed hands tell the world that you take care of yourself and portray a sense of high self-esteem. Here are a few quick tips to get them in great condition.

Elon MATRIX Plus Biotin Supplement for Nails You are what you eat
People say that your eyes are the windows to your soul; it's also true that nails are the windows to your health. Get onto the health wagon. Eat food rich in silicon, which is essential for the growth of hair, nails and teeth, like apples, oranges, raisins, almond, peanuts, fish and honey. Eat food rich in biotin, one of the most essential nutrient for nails, which can be found in egg yolk, cereals, legumes, nuts and liver. Include lots of fresh fruits and raw vegetables, even juiced-up ones will do. For instance, fresh carrot juice is packed with calcium and phosphorus that helps strengthen nails. Alternatively, take Elon MATRIX Plus Biotin Supplement for Nails which comes highly recommended to improve splitting, peeling, cracking and stunted nails.

Trind Nail Magic Simple efforts
Once a week, devote 15-20 minutes to pamper your nails to an at-home basic manicure. Start by trimming your nails, if necessary, with a small pair of clippers. Shape your nails with a file or an emery board from corner to the center. Do not file in a see-saw motion, lest your nails fray or split. Then, soak hands in warm, soapy water for a few minutes to remove dirt. For a little shine, gently buff nails with Trind Nail Magic which can be used for the multiple tasks of filing, shaping and buffing.

For the love of polished nails
SpaRitual MultiTasker Base and Topcoat In One There's no reason to waste money on different clear polishes like ridgefiller, base coat, top coat or nail strengthener; they all accomplish the same job. Get an all-in-one like SpaRitual MultiTasker Base and Topcoat In One. It provides a perfect foundation, a sleek high-gloss finish and UV protection, too, besides preventing fading and yellowing. Apply one layer of clear polish in three smooth and steady strokes-one on the left, then on the right, lastly in the middle. Let it dry completely, then apply your favorite nail color using similar polish application. Left, right, middle. Don't sweep too many strokes as it will make your nail polish look thick and streaked. Finish off with a layer of clear polish which acts as a top coat to prevent splitting. Besides, it will make your nail color shine and last longer. Another word of caution, invest in better quality nail polishes - they will not leave stains or yellow your nail. And, they can be removed more easily with nail removers. Try SpaRitual Nail Lacquer Effervescent which is carefully hand-blended for superior shine, quick dry-time and immaculate coverage from their signature brush for precise lacquer application. For toes, try DuWop Toe Polish Flip Flop. This breakthrough nail polish contains unique anti-fungal ingredients like tea tree oil to prevent infections.

Barielle Love Your Nails Acetone Free Nail Polish Remover Towelettes Effective & efficient nail polish remover
Nail polish removers causes nails to dry out, so use sparingly or keep it to once a week. Look for removers that are kind to your nails and cuticles like Barielle Love Your Nails Acetone Free Nail Polish Remover Towelettes. It comes in convenient pads that contain moisturizing oils and has a light lemon fragrance that will leave nails cleaned and lightly scented.

Spa-treat your hands & nails
BABOR Hand and Nail Repair For the ultimate spa treatment, don't forget to apply moisturizing cream or lotion to the hands and cuticles. You may want to get into the habit of wearing gloves every time you do the dishes, laundry or gardening, but hands and nails tend to dry out from regular contact with soaps and detergents. Keep them hydrated with BABOR Hand and Nail Repair. This world-famous formula effectively penetrates and softens skin to help relieve cracking, dryness and redness, and restores moisture leaving hands and cuticles soft, smooth and conditioned.

Dazzling nails are easy to achieve. All we have to do is eat healthily and get the proper tools for constant nail maintenance, minus the clear nail polishes. It will be too troublesome to remove them each time we wudu before prayers which will dry out our cuticles even faster. Just file, buff and moisturize your hands and fingers daily, and indulge in the occasional professional manicure/pedicure during menses when we do not have to pray and thus need not perform wudu.

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