Simple Beauty Tricks: The Miracle of Sea Salt

Simple Beauty Tricks: The Miracle of Salt
Salt is useful and versatile. It has multipurpose usage; as food enhancer, as food/ kitchen or bathroom cleaner, stains remover on clothing as well as stress reliever. The therapeutic qualities of sea water were discovered by the father of medicine, Hippocrates when he noticed it has healing effects on fishermen's wounded hands. Sea water treatment is believed to be able to restrain infection and control pain. Sea salt therapy is an effective way to revitalize your skin and stimulate a healthy exchange of minerals and toxins between the blood and the water in your body.

If you can invest some of your precious time, do your own spa at home with sea salt treatments. Sea water has superb therapeutic properties when they are at 33 to 34 degree Celsius.

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Prepare a warm bath of 37 to 40 degree Celsius and add sea salts in your bath tub. Dim the lights and play your favorite music, choose soothing and relaxing kind of music. Soak for about 20 to 30 minutes. Ensure to drink plenty of water during and after this therapy. Pat yourself dry and wrap yourself in warm bath robe. You'll feel more refresh and calm after doing this therapy. Thalassotherapy bath can increase blood circulation caused by poor diet, stress and environmental pollutions.

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Salt scrub or famously known as salt glow is a technique to get softer and silkier skin with help from sea salts. Mix a cup of sea salt with a few drops of high quality essential oils. This method is very easy; just rub the salt mixture on to your skin and massage your body thoroughly. Pay attention to areas like elbows and knees and avoid cuts and bruises. This technique works in such a way that after your skin is exfoliated, it's ready to absorb the essential oil, thus hydrate your skin. Shower after this scrubbing process and apply some body lotion; it will leave your skin smooth, soft and deliciously scented.

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For relaxing purposes or to clear out your mind, heat scented salt crystals and enjoy the remedial aroma benefits. Lie down on a couch and breathe the scented air which will rejuvenate your spirit.

In the beauty regime, salt can be used as a deep cleanser. Mix one teaspoon of salt and some olive oil in a bowl, rub gently onto your face and throat, and wash with your normal cleanser and rinse. You'll feel the difference immediately, the miracle of salt. If you're unsure what kind of salts to use, just purchase the ready-made salt formula, available at Skin

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