How to find a great mentor?

How to find a great mentor? Some companies have mentor-protégé programs to help new employees adapt to their new environment, while most companies don't. This program benefits you as well as the company as it's a cost-effective approach to educate new employees.

Experiences are not gained in classrooms, online courses or by reading best seller books. Decision making and hands-on knowledge are essentials for success in your career. You can gain all this while working but having a mentor will cut the process short as he is someone who had been in your shoes, experienced the same thing. You'll want to learn how decisions are arrived at, how solutions are sought and most of all, and the way of thinking within the company.

How to find a great mentor? How to choose and how to work closely with your mentor? Here are some simple tips for you to consider:

  • Choose a mentor who has the same objective or target with you.
  • Select someone that has the same career path or similar to it.
  • Do ensure the elected mentor has ample time to guide you thru the whole process.
  • Before choosing, take the first step to build up a relationship with your mentor-to-be.
  • You must be proactive in gaining knowledge from your mentor. You can't wait for him to provide everything to you; you must make the first move.
Always keep options open about who might be your ideal mentor. A good mentor will be able to be a good coach whom will challenge you, give inspirations and want the best out of his protégé. With his supervision, you'll have more confidence in facing the challenges ahead. He'll be able to give you inspiration on how to handle difficult situations. Do not hesitate to ask for his opinions or views in your career development. Always make yourself available when your mentor asks for assistance. He'll never ask your help if he know you are not capable of doing so.

Having the ideal mentor means you have someone to rely on if you have doubts in your next course of action. When you're at the end of the road, and don't know where to turn to, a mentor is one of the persons who will be able to get you back on track. As a Muslim, our ultimate mentor is the Prophet Muhammad (SAAWS). He is the best mentor amongst the companions. His actions and all aspects in leadership are copied by His followers. The chosen mentor is able to lift your spirit to work; better someone older with a lot of experiences to share with you. After acquiring what you need, remember you can be a mentor too in the future.

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