Overcoming Stress at Work

Overcoming Stress at Work Stress! Just imagine there's this day that isn't your day at all. Your boss called from his office saying that he is going to bring forward the deadline. HUH!!! On top of that, the 'friend' that was suppose to help you is on medical leave. The photocopy machine is doing its 'thing' again. It feels like a tsunami had hit your head. You feel like screaming on top of your lungs.

Don't panic. Here are some tips that you can follow when things are not going your way:

Take a Deep Breath
If you are feeling stress out, inhale a long deep breath and exhale. Stress makes you feel suffocated, restricted and downtrodden. Just relax. Deep breathing relaxes your muscles and eases your tension as it sends more oxygen to our brains, thus helping to de-stress &: avoid going into depression.

Visual Imaging
Visualize that you are relaxing your body, part by part, starting from your head. Just tell yourself to relax and release all the tension in your body. This won't take much of your time but it helps you to have a stress-free body and mind. You can also visualize that you are at a comfortable place that fills you with serenity. You can imagine taking a stroll at a beautiful beach with your loved ones or just thinking what you plan to do after work, maybe shopping or meeting up with friends.

Koosh Ball Take a break
You are in a meeting for almost 3 hours. Take a break and relax. Just give an excuse that you have to go to the ladies or to get a drink, rest in regular intervals. Stop doing whatever you are doing after one or two hours. Also, ask your boss to get some Meeting Toys (like to ones on the right, click pics for details) to keep everybody's attention.

Having Fun?
Inject some fun into your working environment. An enjoyable working environment may increase productivity. It is not wrong to take a minute or two to call up a friend or have a brief chat. You can also have some laughs with your colleagues. Just don't overdo it.

Stressed Out Man Don't procrastinate
If you procrastinate your work load will stack up which will increase your stress level. Focus on the job and try to complete it before that deadline.

Do some office exercises that do not take much time and space. It can boost your energy level, relieve stress and even burn off some calories. You may not want to turn your office into a mini gym but if you practice everyday it will make you feel better and of course it will increase the productivity. Exercise is one of the best stress busters.

Aromatherapy is a body healing treatment that uses essential oils of certain scents or aromas with the intention of physical as well as psychological comfort. You can always buy some aromatherapy candles or scent to ease your tension. This is a good way to relax your body and mind. You can choose a particular scent that offers certain relief for your body and soul. For example, lavender is a recommended aroma for relaxing.

Overcoming Stress at Work Talk About It
Talk openly to a close friend, family member or counselor, about your frustrations so that you'll feel better. A good confidant will not only hear out your problems but also provide advice on how to deal with it. Release your negative feeling; continue your work and your perspective will change. Don't drag the matter too long.

Stay Far Away From Caffeine and Sugar
Sometimes taking excessive caffeine and sugar can cause migraine. Try drinking herbal tea or plain water. It is not only good for health, but it also makes you feel relaxed. Research has indicated that caffeine can interfere with our brain chemistry and therefore can be a factor in contributing to exacerbating stress, anxiety, panic, depression and insomnia. Caffeine stimulates the release of excess stress hormones via its stimulant effects on the adrenal glands.

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