Sarcasm: It Hurts!

Sarcasm: It Hurts! In the corporate world, dealing with sarcasm is tricky and not easy. If you have experienced being upset or embarrassed by your colleague's belittling remarks during a meeting or discussion; you would know how it felt. Normally, you have the burning desire to respond to an equally demeaning way.

It's not as simple as that, your response has to be clever and sharp; therefore you must think really fast to top the sarcastic remark. Most of the time, we feel degraded after this has happened which will make us slink away wretchedly and later kick ourselves for not responding or backing ourselves better.

What's the best way to deal with this kind of people who are nasty for no good reason? How to handle the rudeness, mockery, cynicism and put-down comments? There are some practical tips on how to handle these situations.

Compose yourself.
Don't show you're upset. Keep your cool exterior and the culprit will lose the satisfaction of seeing you upset. This really works especially when only the two of you are involved.

Don't lower yourself to her level.
It's not always required to act evenly to your perpetrator even though you have the urge to "pay back" what she said. In some situations, just shoot your pretty smile without uttering a single word. Your silence will make her feel embarrassed and awkward or even upset.

Appear not to understand.
Ward off the consequences of sarcasm by pretending you don't have a clue what she was talking about, which will setback whatever she was saying. Give a puzzled look and a despairing head-shake like you have not a single hint what she means.

Use sense of humor.
Turn a sarcastic remark about you into a joke. For instance: You can reply with a grin: "How brilliant! You seem to know about me more than I do. I'm so grateful to have a friend like you to clarify this for me". Well, it may sound a bit sarcastic but it will not hurt the other party, just soften the original blow.

Confront straightforwardly.
In a public meeting or gathering, address a sarcastic comment by asking the person if she has a problem that she would like to discuss. If she doesn't say anything, push a bit, telling her that it's important that you know what's actually bothering her. The outcome, you'll know the real cause behind the sarcasm. If she dilly-dallies about it, you will have to tackle it after the meeting.

Depending on situation, you must know what tactics to use, whether through direct confrontation or the power of humor or even silence. If all else fails, maybe it's just her attitude which you can't do much and the only option left is to accept her as she is. Allah Almighty is the most forgiving; open your heart and forgive her even if she doesn't ask it from you. Allah knows best.

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