Time Management @ Work

Time Management @ Work If you're feeling a bit lost at work and you don't produce up to the company's expectations you need to check on how you manage your time. Time management skills are vital for your success in career. It has various benefits, among them are: being able to control your life especially when you are under stress, able to be more productive, to have more confidence in taking on more work and being able to meet or even exceed your superior's expectations.

Don't procrastinate and fully utilize technology.
Respond to emails as soon as possible. Organize your mailbox, create folders and sub-folders. If you need to take certain action before replying the email, move it to work-in-progress (WIP) folder. If it's a meeting schedule move it to your calendar. To apply a deadline on the email set a "flag" which will pop out a message informing that your task is going to be due soon; this is a good reminder tool.

Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity Organize your daily, weekly and months errands.
The most famous tip would be to list down on paper all the tasks you have on hand. The disadvantage is you have to do this several times. Another way is to write them on spreadsheets like excel, which is easy to amend or update your progress. There is a free online application to help you manage your tasks, known as tasktoy. Tasktoy is a task management program written by Toby Segaran after reading "Getting Things Done" by David Allen. It is an online application and free, all you need is to register at tasktoy, and start getting organized.

Set priorities.
'First things first' is a famous quote, but how many of us really follow it? You must know how to determine which task is urgent and which is not urgent and act accordingly. If the tasks make you stressed out, then you must handle them first especially when it involves a deadline.

Know when you're at the optimum level.
Know when you're most productive, and use that time to do the toughest and most important assignments. In order to find out which part of the day you are at your peak monitor how your productivity varies daily over a period of time. Only then you'll recognize your working style.

Be proactive.
This is a good technique to avoid your assignments from pilling up. Scrutinize analytically on how to perform assignments more efficiently and how to avoid problems from occurring. Avoiding problems generally will save you more time than trying to solve issues.

Avoid multitasking.
Move away from doing many tasks at the same time, your focus will deteriorate. If you concentrate on one piece of work at a time you'll get it done faster, with higher quality of output and less stress.

The differences between competent and incompetent employees are the things they chose not to do, and not the things they do. Well organized people tend to succeed compared to disorganized ones. If you want to be among the competent ones you have to manage your time effectively.

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