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Overcoming Stress at Work What happens if you work without enjoying the job, have no passion towards the tasks and hate the environment? Stress! Work stress may lead to other illnesses. Here are some tips on how to have a little bit of fun or take a break or even relieve the tension that built up. Who knows, these tips may help increase productivity.

Play online games. Doctors from the Stress Institute in US recommend 10 to 15 minutes of computer gaming breaks daily to refresh and ready you for the next task. According to studies conducted under the supervision of Goldsmiths University psychologist, Dr Chamorro-Premuzic, results revealed that if bosses actively encouraged employees to take one ten minute break in the working day their overall productivity levels would increase (Source is Here). This is good news to most of us, just make sure you know when enough's enough. Remember: don't go overboard, ladies!

Hoop Jams Basketball Game Online chatting. Instant messaging may increase productivity. It doesn't sound right, does it? Some employers might feel it is a distraction, but if the employee uses it with good sense of responsibility, the benefit will be plentiful. Some companies even have their own instant messaging system. How cool is that?

Build friendships at work. At times you feel down because you are unable to meet the dateline or the task is too hard for you. If you have someone to share the burden you're having, you'll feel much better. Your friend might be able to offer some solutions!

Create a "Happy" hour. Get everyone to tell stories or jokes. Laugh your lungs out, you'll feel energetic to resume your work. Laughing releases endorphins that help to relief stress.

Play. Have toys on your desk like Rubik's Cube. Play when you feel a break is needed. Get your employer to install a dartboard or golf putting mat in the office. 10 minutes break might freshen you for the next task.

Laughing Stress Ball Keep a small-squeezable ball or some other stress relieving toy (click picture on the right for samples) on your desk. Whenever you feel stewed, squeeze it, throw it in the air and catch until you feel much better.

As a Muslimah, we have to be obligated to our working hours. If we use up the office hours to do personal things, we should 'replace' it back. It's to ensure our income is halal and 'barakah/Baraka'. A halal source of income is important to ensure that our future investments from this income are also halal.

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