Editorial: Take Charge of your Career

Editorial: Take Charge of your Career You are responsible for your own future, not your employer. Some career experts believe the right time to seek for new employment is when you're happy with your current ones and if you foresee no future career advancement in your current company. Well, it's time to move on. Plan ahead on what you want in your career; ensure your progress is heading the right career path. But you need some strategies to achieve this.

Know both your strengths and weaknesses. From here strategize to increase your value by analyzing the company's priorities and goals. Find a way how to make a solid contribution or have full involvement in important projects.

Set your own targets. Get comfortable with your job and try to be an expert in your current tasks. If you feel you have reached your goals, never hesitate to ask for new assignments or even take on new challenges within or outside your job scope. By doing these, you are showing you have the aspiration to make the company succeed in the business.

Click on the Book for Details Make a habit to document all your progress and achievement. Create spreadsheets to detail out your projects, with start dates, accomplished dates and if you're in support/operations department, jot down your completed tasks daily. Let your productivity do the talking when it comes to your job review.

Keep on learning and upgrade your knowledge with current technologies. It's a continuous process throughout your career. Acquiring new knowledge is a proven method to advance your career. Some employers have programs to promote the staffs to the next level after gaining certain qualifications or certifications.

Networking is important. Broaden your network by attending conferences, seminars or even provide services to your local community. You have better chances of moving forward when many people are aware of your abilities, skills and potentials.

Polish your soft skills. Strong interpersonal skills play an important role in making your career a success. You must know how to talk to your peer group, subordinate or the top management. Soft skills open the doors to discussions especially with your customers or competitors.

Sell yourself. To achieve you goal, you need to learn the art of self promoting. Promoting yourself is about letting your commitment, passion and success shine through to the right people; it can be either convincing the interviewer to get you hired or win over your manager for a better position.

Talk to your superior. You don't have to wait for the annual review to know your performance, have a direct discussion about your future. Ask for feedback and listen to what your boss has to say, from here you can focus on your weak spots and prepare for the next review. This will demonstrate a determination to excel in your work.

Stay focused on your current job; excel in your current tasks or projects. Stay ahead of dateline to prove that you are more than ready for a higher position. Pay attention to every detail on your current job while eyeing for the next level.

Fauziah Taip, editor

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