A Cocktail Ring makes you look Special

Cocktail Rings are trendy fashion statements. They are over-sized rings, set either with precious or semi-precious stones and even faux stones. The cocktail ring is meant to have a dramatic look and is usually worn at cocktail parties.

Click Picture for Details on this Ring The cocktail ring has been around for centuries. Only one thing has stayed true - the unforgettable large size of the ring. Various styles, colors and stones as well as gold, white gold or platinum are used to make your favorite cocktail ring truly unique - something that fits in your lifestyle and even your wardrobe.

In earlier years the trend was to use precious stones, particularly diamonds, but the current cocktail ring designs use mostly faux stones. Among the reasons for using faux stones are that it's quite difficult to obtain large precious stones, and of course it would extremely expensive as well. Good quality costume Cocktail Rings are worn by many people, including celebrities and socialites.

Click Picture for Details on this Ring Cocktail rings can be worn with any dress, even jeans, at any occasion. You can wear the cocktail ring daily, if the ring has only one focal stone and that stone is around 8-10 carats in size. If the ring has a more dramatic look then keep it for a special occasion when you want to standout.

Don't downplay the importance of the cocktail rings by wearing less important rings on other fingers on the same hand. Never over accessorize when wearing a cocktail ring. Remember, less is more. Always look for a design that is eye catching, e.g. white gold mixed with semi-precious stones or cubic zirconia's stones.

Many popular cocktail rings make statements with the 'bling-bling' factor, especially when they have little cubic zirconia accenting stones around them, and there are also cocktail rings in classic gold-tone or silver-tone metals only. Find a cocktail ring to compliment your style and taste.

Click Picture for Details on this Ring Among the most popular colored gemstones are amethyst (purple), topaz (blue and deep yellow), amber (brownish), ruby (red) and last but not least, pearl (white or ivory). Match the ring with your favorite dress or special outfit.

When searching for the perfect ring choose a piece that you feel comfortable to wear and that has a similar color to the clothes you will be wearing it with. Either classic black stone or pearl is almost perfect to match any outfit. A cocktail ring is worn as an instant boost of glamour, but if you're not used to wearing bold, eccentric jewelry, opt for a smaller size. If you love the attention and feel comfortable with a large, flashy ring to dress up your finger, adorn a cocktail ring to make you the center of attention.

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