5-second Health Tips

Diabetes & Desserts

Date-o-Power Mediterranean Date Concentrate It is unthinkable for diabetics to indulge in desserts but according to the American Diabetes Association, moderation is key to the occasional delight. Instead of sugar-laden doughnuts, try fresh fruits, especially those in season. Choose protein bars or hi-fibre, all natural fruits and nuts snack bars instead of high-carbo snacks like fries and nuggets. Substitute sugar in cakes, cookies, pies and cobbler recipes with sweeteners like the Date-o-Power Mediterranean Date Concentrate (see pic on the right). And, just to quench your desire, if you must, allow yourself to indulge in a smaller portion of whatever you cannot resist.

Managing Arthritis Pain
Neoprene Elbow Support It's not true that arthritis only affects the elderly as there are many young sufferers nowadays. One way to manage arthritic pain is to exercise and another is to always provide support for the aching, stiff joints. Arthritic knee and elbow pain can be alleviated by wearing an Elastic Knee Brace and a Neoprene Elbow Support (see pic on the left), respectively. Even wrists and thumbs can be affected by arthritis pain and discomfort, making everyday activities difficult and inconvenient. Soreness and swelling at the thumb base can make picking, pinching or even putting on clothes an ordeal, so application of a topical pain relief like Topical Ibuprofen Cream is encouraged, while Topical Glucosamine Cream may promote healthy long-term joint maintenance.

'Musical Hypertension'
Yusuf Islam new album Footsteps in the Light A new study has revealed that slow, rhythmic music combined with slow, deep-breathing exercise can help lower blood pressure naturally. Italian researchers from the University of Florence has determined that patients who listened to half an hour of Classical, Celtic or ancient Indian Raga music daily has recorded lower blood pressure when practiced with deep abdominal breathing like yoga or meditation breathing. However, it doesn't mean that patients can dump their medications as these findings are meant to complement existing treatments, and not to cure nor prevent hypertension. Anyway, it's great news for Muslims around the world as we can constantly listen to 'nasheed' (i.e. from Yusuf Islams' new album "Footsteps in the Light") while contemplating the Quran quietly as our way of countering hypertension.

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