6 Fast Health facts you should know

6 Fast Health facts you should know Equip yourself with health wisdoms you need to know. You might already know some of the information, but it wouldn't hurt to refresh your memory.

Never skip breakfast to lose weight
The major mistake you always make is skipping breakfast. Having breakfast helps you in managing your calories intake and hunger throughout the day. It also helps to provide energy to do your work. Furthermore, skipping meals may lead to overeating as you'll feel starved when it's lunch time.

Consuming Super foods
You don't have to be a fanatic on food nutrition to be healthy, just watch what kind of foods you consume. Ensure you have a variety of fresh foods to meet your nutritional requirements. Throw in the superfoods in your meals like salmon, broccoli, oats, tomatoes, blueberries, garlic, healthy nuts and olive oil. No matter how "super" these foods are, always remember that moderation is the key.

Taking medication
Don't just blindly take your medicine without knowing the side effects it might give your body. Always get clarification from your health practitioner. You can Google on that particular medicine on the internet to find out more information. If you're taking vitamins or herbal or alternative medicine, always tell your doctor to avoid the risk of mixing the medications.

Sunglasses are more than fashion
"Wearing sunglasses is the single most important thing you can do to help protect your eyes from diseases such as cataracts and macular degeneration where your central vision diminishes with age", says Kuldev Singh, Professor of Ophthalmology at Stanford University School of Medicine in California. You're advised to wear sunglasses between 10 am to 4 pm when the sun rays are strongest.

Understand Your Menses
Get to know what is normal and what is not. Your menses is a good indicator to health problems like cysts, fibroids, thyroid or stress. If your flow is heavier than usual with blood clots, you should seek advice from your GP immediately. If you miss a period or have spotting in between your period, you should seek immediate attention as well.

Body changes after pregnancy
You can see that breast size changes one cup larger during pregnancy and breast-feeding. After that your breast will be longer and flatter as there is no more milk inside. The changes to your body are happening due to hormones. Hips and thighs are affected too; you may not really fit into the skinny jeans unless you undergo an intensive diet and exercise to tone up your body.

There are actually more but these six are the more essential ones to observe for a healthy lifestyle. You play many roles in this world, it's crucial for you to be healthy. As a mother: you take care of your children, as a wife: you care for your husband and as a woman: you should take care of yourself first!

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