Be Healthy Naturally


Lets Jump!

Fancy jumping? Well, don´t just jump around aimlessly; you must follow the body combat workout principal to burn enough calories. Around 700 to 800 calories are burnt for every exercise done in 50-60 minutes. Two or three times a week is more than enough. You´ll see the changes; your body will be slimmer and you'll feel healthier.


The ways you breathe influence the nerves, muscles and mind

We breathe unconsciously, but some people believe breathing the right way can attract the great ‘cosmic energy´ or ‘universe energy´ into our body. With the correct technique of breathing, you´ll become calmer; your mind can work better, your body will be healthier where your nerves and muscles will be stronger and more energetic. Apart from these, the correct breathing technique is able to remove the remnants of dirty air from the body. How cool is this? Learn on how to breathe correctly at this website:

Healthy Game of Colors

red RED (Reduce headache): Some researchers believe that red color is able to help alleviate headaches. Therefore, if you experience any headache, put a damp red towel on top of your closed eyes. This helps to increase adrenaline secretion which provides instant defense against pain.

blue BLUE (Reduce stress at work): You´re stressed out? Try focusing your eyes to something blue. This will stimulate peaceful mood and reduce blood pressure. Why don´t you try changing your computer screen saver or wallpaper to colors that make you feel peaceful and less tense? There are many beautiful wallpapers and screen savers available free at

PINK (Avoid insomnia): If you have difficulty sleeping soundly at night, try decorating your bedroom with a pink color scheme. Research shows that pink is able to create a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. Pink is romantic too!


Green (Reduce Fatigue):Some people believe this particular color has a positive effect on our immune system. It´s also believed that green will promote harmonious feeling in our body.

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