Boosting your Metabolism

Boosting your Metabolism If you're doing all you can to lose your bulge but the weight seem adamant to stay, don't lose hope. There's help yet and all very suitable for us Muslimah. There's no need to sweat it out at the gym in form-fitting aerobic-wear, no need to pack into a revealing, uncomfortable swimsuit to do laps after laps of swimming nor change into those tiny short shorts for a game of volley-ball at the beach (although I have to admit I love seeing the girls play. It's a great, invigorating game, no?). In fact, you can eat, have your cuppa and sleep it off. Unbelievable? Here's the expose on food, coffee and sleep.

Spicy, chili food has been found to increase metabolism, so reach out for those chili peppers, jalapeno, horseradish and mustards to spice up your life. It seems research has indicated that a chemical found in these hot stuffs releases adrenaline and speeds up our heart rates, thus burning more kilojoules. We Muslimah have no qualms downing tongue-burning spices as they are, after all, halal and we can even eat them as part of our salad, just for the kicks.

Boosting your Metabolism You can power-up your metabolism by eating protein-rich foods. Our body needs a lot of energy to digest protein, which will not be stored as fat, either. We can help our body enhance our metabolic rate by choosing to eat plenty of chicken, fish, eggs and soy, which can help increase our Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) by a massive 30%, reason enough to store-up halal protein-rich food. Alternatively, get your ration of protein from protein shakes or supplements (click the pictures on the right and below for details) to help you burn, burn, burn the fats.

Don't ever skip breakfast - another metabolism enhancer. Breakfast is essential, ironically, for fighting weight-gain. Our body needs fuel to start the day, and skipping breakfast will only tell our body to slow down metabolism and conserve energy. Thus, our body will automatically store-up, making weight-loss an impossible effort. So, make sure you have a healthy, hearty breakfast immediately after morning prayers. Feeding your mind and body will help start your day on a positive note. Read our related article: Our Tips for a Healthy, Tasty Breakfast.

Boosting your Metabolism Besides, you can have your favorite cup of coffee during breakfast, which will instantly wake your whole system up. Don't let anyone tell you that coffee is bad for you, caffeine speeds up your heart rate, burning more kilojoules besides helping to kick-start your day. While life can be a daily grind, a refreshing cup of coffee can smooth out even the moodiest, grouchiest mornings.

Studies have shown that a sleep-deprived body releases the hormone cortisol which slows down metabolism and causes fats to be stored. As such, it's a good idea to adhere to grandmother's advice of a full eight hour of fitful sleep every night, which will not only help release more age-defying, metabolism-boosting hormones but also regenerates our minds to stay mentally healthy.

The Holy Prophet (SAAWS) has said that if an organ of it complains, the other organs stay in vigil and fever due to the suffering of that organ. So, in order to keep healthy we should take steps to boost our metabolism, stay healthy and, Insha'Allah, we can live longer to give praises to Almighty Allah.

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