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Bum Beautiful In the holy Al-Quran, it is said Allah (SWT) created humans in the best moulds (At-Tin 95:4). Allah (SWT) did not make any mistakes with any part of His creation, so every person has the capacity to be beautiful. It is how we use and maintain these gifts and talents that Allah (SWT) has bestowed upon each and every one of us that makes us dear to Him, and to our husbands.

We constantly beautify ourselves with make-up and clothing, but more importantly, we should strive to maintain our body to be beautiful for our husbands. This is one of the teachings of Islam, as this will only allow our husbands to always see what he likes. One problem area that needs regular 'maintenance' is our bum. Check out below which bum profile you most resemble and strive to maintain your bum beautiful:

Lunge it! Stand straight with feet hip width apart. With dumb-bells in each hand, arms at the side, take a step forward with your right leg and bend until left knee almost touches the floor. Count to ten, then return to your original position and repeat with your left leg. 10 repetitions make one set - do two to three sets each time.

Do the Russian Dance! Squats do wonders to bum muscles and help you define a perky firm bum. Place hands on your hips with feet shoulder width apart and squat down. Hold for two seconds, and then stand up. Jazz it up with your favorite songs.

Bum Beautiful Exercise Cliff-hangers
Leg-lifts on fours. To create an illusion of a small mount from a flat bum, get on all fours. Stretch out your right leg and lift up till leg is parallel to the floor. Lower leg, but do not rest on floor, to complete one set. Repeat 10 times, then change legs to complete one set - aim to achieve at least three sets each session for best results. If you're up to it also stretch the opposite arm (see picture) for a more intense work out.

There are many suitable exercise programs available on the internet, for example the ones HERE and HERE and HERE. Now, there's no excuse not to stay fit and beautiful, and for the woman who keeps her husband happy will be able to enter the door to Paradise in the hereafter. Insha'Allah.

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