Keeping Flu At Bay

Keeping Flu At Bay Just like humans, birds and swine, or any animal for that matter, can catch flu and is affected by its virus. Although rare, swine can contract human flu just as human can contract bird or swine flu, so people working in close contact with these infected animals can and do contract their virus. In 1918, the pandemic Spanish flu was speculated to be a mutated swine flu which killed between 20 and 40 million people worldwide.

Lately, swine flu has reared its ugly head again, claiming many lives, from Mexico to United Kingdom and China to Thailand. It is threatening to turn into a worrying pandemic again. Thus, we must step up our efforts to safeguard our family members and ourselves.

Our first line of defense against swine flu or any diseases is to keep clean with regular hand-washing. The Prophet (SAAWS) said "Cleanliness is half of Islam" and we should always wash our hands after relieving ourselves, before meals and for salah.

However, do not use too-strong antibacterial soaps and sprays, which actually kill off 'good' bacteria, allowing more pathogenic bacteria, funguses and viruses to cause damage. Instead, use natural essential oils like lavender and tea tree oils, which have antimicrobial, antiviral, antifungal properties. Add 6-8 drops to every 4 oz of hand soap or 8-10 drops to water in a spray bottle to be used as disinfectant.

Keeping Flu At Bay To breathe scented clean air, use an aromatherapy diffuser or burner with a few drops of your favorite pure essential oils. Eucalyptus essential oils have germicidal effects and are particularly beneficial in arresting airborne bacteria. Other beneficial oils include cinnamon bark, grapefruit, myrrh, coriander, cypress, lavender, bay leaf, cajuput, spearmint, Scots pine, revensara, rosemary, and sage. You can find a good selection of essential oils here: HERE

Double Satin V Niqab (Black) Influenza is thought to spread human-to-human via coughing or sneezing by the infected person. So, if there are cases of a flu outbreak in your area, take extra precaution by wearing masks when going out. We Muslimahs have the advantage of wearing the niqab or face veils instead of masks for protection. Even gloves should not be laughed at. Research shows that common things we never thought of do harbor the most germs, bacteria and viruses like the shopping carts at hypermarkets, public phones and escalator railings. Ensure you change and wash your gloves daily to maintain hygiene.

Keeping Flu At Bay So, should a global pandemic be declared, be prepared. Keep stock of items like tissues, antibacterial or better still Sanitizing Hand Wipes, essential oils and dry food for up to two-weeks, in case you are required to stay quarantined. It is better safe than sorry, and make du'aa to Allah to help keep you and your family safe. Insha'Allah.

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