Hee-hee-haa-haa Laughing Therapy

Laughing Therapy Laughter is the best medicine

They say that 'Laughter is the best medicine' and why not? Laughing is said to transmit signals to our brains to release endorphins, also known as happy hormones, that inadvertently allow us to de-stress and strengthen our immune system, leaving us in a good mood and feeling happy.

Laughter springs from within your very self and helps you cope and survive in this highly-strung, stressful society, putting you in a positive frame of mind, think creatively out of tight situations and see problems and solutions more clearly. You don't need a reason to laugh, but if you're new to this form of therapy, here are plenty of reasons why you should start laughing immediately:

  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Make your cheeks sore
  • Enhance your cardiovascular flexibility
  • Increase your spirit quotient
  • Think more clearly
  • Put a devilish twinkle in your eye
  • Increase you intellectual performance and information retention
  • Replenish your creative juices
  • Destroy your conservative reputation
  • Dampen your undergarment
  • Release and transform your emotional pain
  • Develop abdominal muscles of steel
  • Create stress and tension in others
  • Rebalance the chemistry of your stress and tension
  • Wonder why you wasted all those years being serious
  • Draw yourself into experiencing the present
  • Help yourself live and die, laughing
  • Experience a deep connection with other human beings
  • Confuse family members and friends
  • Join a giggling group of growing gurus
As you discover laughter, you will inadvertently discover yourself and even more reasons to laugh, at yourself, others and situations. Laughter will allow you to communicate more deeply with more people from all walks of life than you thought possible. Get what you want from life and have yourself an immensely enjoyable process along the way.

Introduce Laughter at your Workplace

Seriously, why do we need laughter in the workplace? For the simple fact that laughter reduces stress and helps employees cope with changes and conflicts. Laughter in the workplace strengthens the business and energizes hardworking employees, while making way for better, clearer communication besides squeezing out more creative juices from employees. Learn to incorporate laughter into management skills and see how it can effectively diffuse conflicts and misunderstandings as it increases productivity and creativity.

Laughter Strengthens Your Relationship

Nothing is exempt from the devastating effects of stress - neither your career nor your relationship. Poor management of stress at your workplace can place tremendous pressure upon your relationship, and laughing is the best therapy. 'Are you joking?' you ask, but studies have shown that the strongest factor in marital bliss is the amount of fun shared between two partners. Sharing a personal joke only known to the two of you can help strengthen your bond and emotional dependency, which inadvertently strengthens your relationship. Laughing can break down barriers and restrictions and bring two souls closer to each other, while creating opportunities for more open and effective communication. Senseless giggling, silly snorting and mindless belly-laughter may be vital factors for a long-lasting, loving relationship as laughing strengthens more than just cheeks and abdominal muscles, but also muscles below the belt. Now there's more reasons to laugh. So, start laughing today for a great, loving relationship.

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