New Years Resolutions - what should they be?

New Years Resolutions - what should they be? New Year is just around the corner. The most common question your friends love asking is, "What are your new year resolutions?" You'll hear many good deeds promised to be done in the coming year. Are those resolutions just sweet promises or do you walk the talk? Be truthful to yourself. Think carefully before making any resolutions, be realistic and remember, it's a promise you must keep.

The famous resolutions for most women would be "Live a healthier life". Sounds easy right? How to achieve this resolution, physically and mentally? It involves changes of your life style and eating habits. Here are some useful tips to help you achieve New Year resolution towards better health.

Eat healthily. How to do that? Find out how much calories your body needs every day to function well. Don't shy away from carbohydrates, they are important. Choose good sources of carbohydrates like vegetables, oats, brown rice, or whole grain flour. Don't skip breakfast; it is the most important meal which gives you the energy to start off the day. Breakfast also prevents you from overeating during lunch.

If you are aiming to lose some weight, eat small meals five to six times a day. This way you will boost the body metabolism thus burn more calories throughout the day. Another benefit of eating small meals is you maintain the energy level, therefore you'll feel less fatigue. This is caused by the balanced sugar level and indirectly, it prevents you from getting sudden hunger attacks which leads to overeating. To burn fat more effectively, combine a healthy diet with cardio workouts and strength exercise.

How about mental health? Mental health is about how you feel, think, make choices, handle stress and take actions in life. It involves your emotional well-being. You're mentally healthy when you are able to control the feelings, actions, stress, thoughts and keep the problems in perspective.

Anger management in mental health is crucial as being angry all the time may harm your physical and emotional health. Find out what makes you angry and think how it is affecting your life. Learn how to control your anger. Don't keep the anger inside you, find ways to release the anger; you may feel better after talking to someone; if you're sitting down, stand up and vice versa or go for a walk until you calm down and can think rationally.

As a Muslim, say A`oodhu billahi mina ash-shaytaani ar-rajeem (I seek refuge in Allah from Satan the accursed) three times, and walk immediately to the washroom and perform ablutions with cool water and pray two rak`ahs.

Here are a few du`a's you should recite and meditate upon consistently:

  • Allaahumma innee a`oodhu bika min hamazaati ash-shayaateen; wa a`oodhu bika rabbi an yahdhuroonee (O Allah, I seek refuge in You from the whisperings of devils; and I seek refuge in You from their presence around me).
  • Astaghfiru Allah (I ask Allah for forgiveness) three times.
  • Rabbi qinee sharra nafsee; rabbi qinee sharra sam`ee; rabbi qinee sharra basaree; rabbi qinee sharaa lisaanee (My Lord, save me from the evils of my own self; my Lord, save me from the evils of my hearing; my Lord, save me from the evils of my seeing; my Lord, save me from the evils of my tongue.) [Credit to]
  • In the long run how do you improve your mental health? Always remember that whatever bad thing that happens to you, there is always a blessing in disguise. By doing this, you will change the negative thoughts into positive actions. Give more to charity, donate to people who need the most and if you haven't pay any Zakah, start doing so - it purifies your earnings indirectly, you'll feel better and lead a happier life.

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