Basic Air Travel Guide for Muslimahs

Basic Air Travel Guide for Muslimahs First and foremost, plan your vacation ahead of time and try to get the best hotel rates by choosing to go during non-peak-seasons. For example, during summer, you should head down to winter resorts. Alternatively, you can try going to countries that have lower exchange rates like Malaysia, Thailand, Turkey, China or India.

Do a thorough research for the best deals on the internet. Compare various online websites and try to get the best package. Usually, package deal is cheaper than ticket or accommodation alone. You must check not only on the prices but also what is offered in the package.

Air travel is considered one of the safest means of travels. Nevertheless, you have to keep in mind, as a Muslim, you might be "randomly" selected for extra scrutiny by the airport security. Follow the rules and regulations, and answer their questions honestly.

Never ever joke about bombs, weapons, or hijackings. These are very serious matters and you will most likely land in hot soup with the airport police. You'd never want this to happen.

Upon booking, ensure to choose Halal in-flight meal. If Halal in-flight meals are not available, then opt for vegetarian/kosher foods. Always double check on your halal food reservation! Remember to inform the flight attendants A.S.A.P, so that they know what you have chosen; in case somebody else nicks your meal.

Basic Air Travel Guide for Muslimahs If the journey is more than 12 hours, then make sure you bring along your 'Qiblaa Compass' (see picture to the right; click it for more info). You should inform the flight attendants of your religious obligation and request them to facilitate an isolated corner for you to perform your Salaat.

If there are a few stop-overs and passengers are allowed to leave the plane, then you should perform the Salaat at the airport lounge. You can shorten the four into two and must try your best not to miss the Jama'a. A few guides on how and when to perform Salaat Qasr is available at or

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