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Travel to Melaka Malacca which is in Malaysia, is a beautiful city with many historical heritage buildings, ancient landmarks and colonial structures. Malacca which is situated on the West Coast of Peninsular Malaysia is about 147 km from the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. There is no exact date when Malacca was founded but in marking of its 600th anniversary(1990), we can briefly say that it was founded in 1390. The peaceful life comes from the various races which comprises of the Malays, Chinese,Indians, Baba and Nyonya, Portuguese, Chitty and Eurasian. Every ethnic gives a different beautiful taste of Melaka.

Melaka is famous all around the world for its history. The invasion by many great foreign countries such as Portuguese, the Dutch and the British has embodied Melaka to have its own distinctive features which are still standing strong acknowledging the richness of history.Apart from various culture in Melaka. there are many distinctive places that you can visit. Here are some example of the beautiful places that you can visit while you are here.

You can visit Pulau Besar. Is an island outside of Melaka. A lot of stories have been connected with this island. If you look from the aerial view,it looks like a pregnant lady who is lying down. Pulau Besar is believed to be sacred and its myth has made it an attraction for tourist in and out of Malaysia especially the Indian Muslims.

Melaka Zoo is one famous tourist attraction. It is one of the oldest zoo in Malaysia and has been a shelter to many species of animals which are going towards extinction. You can see the red panda, or take a ride on an elephant or horses. They also have a mini safari park where the tourist can walk along to see the animals up close. Right now they have about 80 animals from 16 species in the zoo.

If you are interested in antics, than Jonker Street is the place for you. It is a famous street that you can get antics for a cheap price. You can find from the oldest collection of decorative fans to handicrafts. The rows of antic shops here will fascinate you the whole day. You might be surprised how well they keep the antics.

A Famosa or “the famous” in Portuguese, is a fortress located in Melaka. It is a heritage building build by the Portuguese when they invaded Melaka in 1511. At 1641, the Dutch came to Melaka and took over the fortress. It went through a lot of destruction when it was in the hands of the Dutch. When at last, Melaka was invaded by the British,they wanted to destroy the fortress but Sir Stamford Raffles that was there to visit Melaka at that time gave an instruction not to do anything to it.

There is a Portuguese settlement in Melaka. It is also called Little Lisbon. There are about 1500 people which comprises of 16 Portuguese families. There is a school,field and a playground with houses in the settlement. It a unique settlement and you can see the way they live from the 16 century until now. They still preserve their culture, language, songs and their dance.

Queen Victoria water fountain is located in front of the Christ Church and Standthuys. The fountain was funded by some local chinese in 1904 to commemorate the anniversary of queen Victoria of England crowned as queen.

The Standhuys was build at 1650 is a historical building from the Dutch colonial era. It was used as the official home for the Dutch Governor and his officers. The original color of this building is white but it was changed to red so that it can match with the Christ Church building which was red.

The Christ Church is in its original color which is red still stand strong to show the greatness of the Dutch during their reign. It was build in 1753. The chairs are handmade and are 200 years old. You can see the tombstone on the floor with Armenia writing. There is also the picture of “The Last Supper”.


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