Cherish your friendship

Cherish your friendship There is a saying that goes, "A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out." True friendships are hard to find, even harder to keep but not if you know how to cherish your beautiful friendships. For those who don't have a clue on how to keep your friendships, please read on how to be a better friend and maintain that wonderful friendship.

Be there when she needs you most and be proactive.
Good friends share ups and downs regardless of the distance or how busy you are. Try to make yourself available for your friends. If you have a missed call from her, find time to call her immediately instead of waiting for her to return call. Be proactive in communication, it helps a lot in maintaining good friendships. There are many ways of communicating with each other, via text-messaging, internet messaging or just give a quick call to say hi.

Keep her secrets close to your heart.
Don't be a bean spiller, be extra careful not to accidentally spill any of her secrets as it will be the most terrible thing you can do to a dear friend. Keep her trust, as once she mistrusts you, she'll never open her heart to you ever again. You don't want your good friend to leak your secrets to others too, right?

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Don't bad-mouth your friend behind her back. If you're in a group, and they're gossiping about your best friend; you shouldn't join in. In fact, you should defend her if you know the truth; if you don't, just keep quiet. If you're a good friend, you would tell your friend about the gossip but don't tell her who were gossiping. It will give her a chance to set things straight.

Be genuinely happy for her.
No matter how close you are, some people just can't be happy for others' happiness. If you can't be happy for your friend, you're not her true friend just yet. Show that you are happy when she gets a new job, and if possible ask her out to celebrate the good news together. There's nothing better in this world than knowing there are people who really care about you.

Give your total support and always ready for changes.
As time flies, your life and friendship changes as well. She might be married with children, and you're still single. You can't expect her to be available as before to hang out and have fun. Be considerate, accepting and compassionate during these changes. As time goes by, she might find new friends, give her some space to grow in her own way and be supportive as well. You might feel a little left out, but she is still there treasuring your friendship in a different way. She'll value you more if you "set her free" as she knows you are one of her true gems!

Established friendships allow one to mature in its own unique ways yet still be supportive of each other. Be a friend like you always want to have. A true friendship goes a long way, sometimes longer that your love life.

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