Dealing with Autism

Guest article by Nadeera

Dealing with Autism My mother just told me that my son talks like a parrot. Actually what she meant was that he is repeating what we tell him without giving any answers back. I just gave a sigh and looked at him. i kissed his forehead and told him not to pull my shirt. He stood still for a second, blink his eyes and straight went to the kitchen to open the tap. Here goes again the shouting. I just smiled when I heard my mom telling him not to play with the tap for the 30th time. You see, my son is an autistic child. He was diagnosed with autism when he was 1 year old.

When I gave birth to him in 2005.. he was a healthy 3.9 kg baby. After 2 months of confinement, I went back to work as an officer in a bank. Every time I came back from work,my mom would be praising him saying that he was quiet the whole day. She could do all the chores and he only cried a little if he wanted some milk. The scenario was going on for a year until one day. My mom told me that he threw his milk bottle at her head. Well at first I thought, that it is normal for any child to throw tantrums. But day by day things got worse. One day she got a cut at the head because he threw a plate and it flew straight on her forehead. We had to go to the hospital because she could not stand the pain. After that incident I took notice of him. He was already 1 year old but he could not say a word, not even MAMA.

The tantrums got worse, he was not sleeping at night, always doing something in repetition which would make my mother's heart skip a beat. One day I decided to tell my family doctor about my son's problem. After my long explanation, the doctor scribbled on a piece of paper a name that he would want me to see. When I asked him who it was he told me a psychiatric doctor. I got angry, I got really angry! I told him that my son was not mad. He's just too playful. He told me to calm down and explained carefully why I must see this doctor. I still couldn't accept it but to prove that he was wrong I saw the doctor. I could still remember that afternoon. I held my son's hand and we walked together to meet with the doctor. To my surprise he was the head of the department. He was very gentle and loving towards my son. He talked to my son as if my son could understand him. After a few tests and some question and answer session with me he told me that my son is having AUTISM.

What was Autism?,that was the first question that came to my mind. The doctor took a pamphlet and gave it to me. He explain what was autism, how he diagnosed my son and what I should do after that. I listened carefully and after he had finished explaining, he asked me whether I'm fine or not. I burst out crying. Why my son? Why not other child? Why must it be him? The doctor told me that it is very normal for a parent to react like that but he assured me that he will teach me what to do and which channel. I should go to ask for help under this medical condition. First I had to register him under the welfare department. Then autism parents association. Then I had to register him under the ENT (ear,nose and throat) department. This is to check whether is he deaf or not. I also had to register him under the occupational therapy department. All the hassle that I went through could not compare with the problem that I had face with my mom, her denial. She could not believe and accept that my son was diagnosed with Autism. There was a lot of anger in her but nobody understands that I myself could not accept my son's condition. I'm his mother, to admit that he is having this problem breaks my heart. I had to think positive and be firm with my decision. There is no cure for autism. We could only give him training. That is where Occupational therapy comes in hand. I stayed focus and promised myself that I would do everything in my power to make him better.

Right now he is already 4 year old. He still using diapers and talks like a 2 year old. I assure you that he is making progress for himself. He is still going for the occupational therapy training and he is also attending a special school. As for me..i did stopped my work to concentrate on my son and to understand what is autism. To help him..i need to help myself but most of all I need to be his shoulder that he lean on when everyone is against him. I can't say that the public has been unfair to him but there are still people who has a mind less than a cabbage. They would make fun with him, tease him on how he spoke and will not even talk to him.

How he is and what has become of him does not change a bit of my love towards my angle. If you look at an autistic child like mine, they look normal just like other children. If this situation is happening in your family, I want you to know that there are association and people that can help us and our children. We just need to be aware and stay focus on the child upbringing. God is always there to guide us.

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