Do Opposites Really Attract?

Do Opposites Really Attract? Opposites do attract but does love work the same way? It seems that our other half is often our best chance of becoming a complete entity. And this is how we explain why we tend to fall for people who have little similarities with us.

Why Do You Fall In Love
To know if opposites really attract, let's start by determining why experts think we fall in love with our opposite partners, shall we?

Unconscious Fit
All of us carry with us a psychological prototype. The people we're most fascinated to are those who have a prototype that complements our own. We're looking for similarities of experience but, more sincerely, we're also looking for the opposite. The purpose of this unconscious fit is to find someone who can complement our life episodes. That might be someone who's the same as us, but generally we're looking for someone from whom we can get guidance; someone who has developed coping mechanisms that are different from our own. The immaculate partner will be someone who has faced similar issues, but has cultivated some ways in dealing with it. And this is how we explain why we tend to fall for someone who is the opposite of what we are.

Science's take on love
Research has shown, that unmarried couples may have similar opinions on major issues as compared to married couples that demonstrate little or no similarity on personality-related features, which shows personality differences do attract.

Alike in Love: When Opposites Attract "You complete me"
The above famous line comes from the beautiful hit movie 'Jerry Maguire' which took romantics around the world by storm. In order to obtain the stability which we essentially crave for we sometimes tend to agree to the theory that we are prone to fall for people who are the complete opposites of ourselves. After all, we do need our other half to complete the whole entity.

Well, that fits perfectly with the survival theory- in order for a species to survive; we need to contentiously merge with different genes to strengthen our offspring. So, it's true that opposites do attract but the question here is For How Long?

Opposite do attract during dating and courting but opposites without a doubt, clash when it comes to personality, attitudes and values. So, to gain the best of both worlds, we must be firm with our beliefs, values and what we want in our lifes. Eventually it still depends on us whether the differences are too much or just enough for a long lasting relationship.

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