Don't get into a Cyber Affair

Don't get into a Cyber Affair From time to time while surfing the internet, engaging in our interest, we may meet someone with similar interests. We may start the relationship by emailing each other or saying hi on the social network websites like Tagged, Facebook or Twitter, and then continue a deeper conversation via instant messenger.

From there, you'll start chatting more frequently and this will turn into mild flirtation. This is where the problem begins, mild flirtation is always considered harmless. The thrill, excitement, kicks are the signs that you should stop the flirtation from going further. If you don't stop at this stage, it will turn into a cyber affair or eventually cyber sexual affair.

Some of the signs you are actually having a cyber affair are: You spend more time on your computer hooking on to internet to chat with this person. You dig more information about this particular person and start fantasizing about this person. You hide this piece of information from your spouse. Soon, you'll be addicted talking to that person and at this phase it is harder to stop the cyber affair.

Click for Details on this Book After this stage, you'll ask for a photo of that person or start webcam chatting. Then you have an urge to talk to this person on the phone. Soon, you'll want to meet this person physically. All these will cause you to neglect the relationship with your spouse. You're more aroused in thinking about your cyber friend than having intimate moments with your dear partner. This is where you should put a full stop as the flirting has gone too far. Please remember that, having a cyber affair distracts your attention from your beloved family, work and your precious marriage.

Cyber affairs should be taken seriously even if it doesn't involve sex, sooner or later you'll end up in cyber sexual affairs. The transition of a relationship from cyberspace to the real world won't take much effort especially when you know your cyber partner is living nearby. Some cyber partners are even willing to travel across the world just to meet their cyber lover.

Sometimes cyber affairs occur when you feel neglected by your spouse. But you have to remember whatever goes wrong in your marriage doesn't justify you having a cyber affair. Fix your problem by having a heart-to-heart session with your spouse. You can avoid falling into the trap of a cyber affair if you have a strong relationship with your love ones. Why would you want to have cyber affairs when your real partner can fulfill all your needs?

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