How to handle Sibling Rivalries

How to handle Sibling Rivalries Sibling rivalry is a common issue faced in most families. It starts with your firstborn getting a new member in the family; he will feel huge changes and may even feel deserted. He was the centre of attention, now he has to compete for it, therefore most of the time he'll misbehave to get your attention. It'll continue with the next child until the last one. As a parent, you will want you children to grow up together as friends. There are a few tips from Parentline Plus (, a UK a national charity that works for, and with, parents.

Age dissimilarity means that your children will be at different stages of learning. Acquaint your kids with activities suitable for all age groups and let them participate actively. Encourage the older siblings to assist the younger ones. This step will make the older family members feel important and will boost up their confidence in themselves. Allow your older children to participate actively in the new baby's life. Let them look after their baby brother or sister or get them to change the nappy if they want to, or you can get them to read stories to the baby. Such activities will make the brotherly or sisterly connection stronger.

If an argument starts among the siblings, don't interfere. Give the children a chance to sort out the quarrel themselves, it will be a good lesson learned. If the spat goes out of hand, then you may want to give some advice. The most important of all is not to take sides. Taking sides will make the other kids think they are not your favorite, which will make things worse.

From MIS-BEHAVIOR To GREAT BEHAVIOR Compliment the kids when they're getting along well together. If you make remarks only when they behave badly, they will think it is a good way to gain your attention. Teach them how to work/play together like taking turns on playing their favorite toys. Get them to swap the toys after awhile. Encourage your kids to think of others. Emphasize to them that sharing their favorite items will make one less selfish in the long run.

Keep on reminding the children to open up to either you or your spouse if they face any problems among them. If things get out of hand, ensure that they know how to seek help from a grown up to put an end to the conflicts. Always portray a calm image to them which will make them inclined to listen to you.

Don't think that sibling rivalry means your children will not have a good relationship later on; once they have got over the initial jealousy, they can be good friends.

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