Preparing for Motherhood

Preparing for Motherhood Going through motherhood is such an honor for any woman. It's like a roller coaster ride; you have to wait in line, being tremendously excited and wondering what it's going to be like. Once on it, it's stimulating and scary all at once. Once off it, you might run back to stand in line for the experience again. However scary or exciting a pregnancy can be, you must be prepared financially and emotionally, so that it will not be a terrifying ordeal for you. Keep your feet on the ground, be realistic...pregnancy is a life changing process. You must know how to plan it well.

Lifestyle Changes
Your life will start changing the minute you realize that you have conceived. The symptoms in the early stages will make you to stay away from hanging out with your friends. Your priority in life changes as you becomes more aware of your health, finances, security and environment.

Bringing up a child can be costly and both parties should sacrifice personal luxuries such as socializing, going to movies, indulging in the latest trends and splurging on new gadgets, and instead allocate a budget for your new baby.

Emotional Preparation
Trust me, being a mother is not automatic or as simple like 1, 2 3. To be an ideal mother is like to be a superwoman; she commits herself 24/7 for 365days. At one moment, you will see her very energetic. At other times you will see her very tired.

Becoming a mother suddenly places you in the real seat of adulthood although it takes time to feel comfortable. So often we will come across perception of how motherhood should be and realize how unprepared we are. If a new mother is kind with herself, she is able to extend herself more intently to her child.

Mental Preparation
Grab a book about pregnancy and read it thoroughly. A lot of changes will happen through your pregnancy. The more informed you are, the less anxious you will feel. The internet is also a great place to gather information.

Browse these websites for guidance on pregnancy:

Physical Preparation
It is very important for you to eat healthily and get the right exercise like prenatal yoga. You must be well prepared before the baby is born. The physical changes in your body might make you feel uncomfortable. Get yourself maternity clothings and shoes.

Prepare for your newborn things like baby clothes, napkin, diapers etc. Mothers who are well prepared are more able to withstand the demands of motherhood.

Practical Preparation
Don't skip your doctor's appointment. If you're a career woman, you would have to take time off from your job. Discuss with your doctor regarding your birthing plan.

As a Muslim, there are some rituals which are associated with birth that you need to follow like reciting the Adhan (call to prayers) into the baby's right ear and Iqamah (commencement of prayer) into the baby's left ear in a most gentle tone of voice. This is done so that the first thing he hears in this world will be the words of Tawheed.

Then, followed by a ritual called Tahneek; putting sweet thing in the mouth of the newborn. Abu Musa, may Allah be pleased with him, narrates: "A son was born to me, and I took him to the Prophet who named him Ibrahim, did Tahneek for him with a date, invoked Allah to bless him, then he returned him back to me" (Reported by Al-Bukhari and Muslim.) You can read the details on the rituals of welcoming a new born baby at this website:

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