Value of a Muslimah

Value of a Muslimah Islam places women or fellow Muslimah on a high pedestal of respect and pride, as they are glorified for performing their duties and responsibilities for the betterment of their kinsmen. It will definitely be a big loss for misguided women to lose this respectability due to her negligence and ignorance. Women's value can be acknowledged from three perspectives:

Lady-like manners & self-respect
Some of the special characteristics unique to women are her kindness, patience, honesty, loyalty, loving and soft-spoken qualities. These qualities are all that make her exemplified, respected and highly looked upon, and endow her with beauty and attractiveness. Of course, she can further beautify herself for her husband, which is encouraged by A'ishah (Radiallahu anhu), by means of make-up, taking care of her skin, hair and clothing, her whole presentation of herself. How she carries herself is also important as she'll radiate self-confidence and self-respect, attractive qualities that will make her husband proud.

Her role & responsibilities
Women are allocated lighter and smaller duties, not because they're weak, but due to Allah's loving care and honor for her, that He has given the toughest and most important duties to women. What are her duties? Women play a very significant role as a wife and mother, looking after and guarding the family's honor, fortunes and unity. If women neglect these heavy responsibilities and ignore its importance, her family unit will disintegrate, and so will her beauty, uniqueness and respectability as a woman.

Women's special privileges
Allah has provided several special privileges to women that men can never enjoy - their status as wife and mother - and the edge women have over men to gain merits and enter paradise. By providing for her family, giving love and care freely to her children and husband, and upholding honor towards her family will lead her to heaven's gate.

Umm Salamah (Radiallahu anhu) said: "Allah's Messenger (SAAWS) said 'Any woman who dies, and her husband is pleased with her, will enter Paradise.'"

The Prophet (SAAWS) also proclaimed "If a woman prays her five daily prayers, fasts her month (Ramadan), obeys her husband and guards her chastity, then it will be said to her 'Enter Paradise by whichever of its gates you wish.'"

Realizing the vast benefits of being a woman, Muslimahs should be thankful for Allah's gift to them, and play their roles well as wise, honorable and respectable wives and mothers. Muslimahs have the best example in A'ishah (Radiallahu anhu) who surrounded the Prophet (SAAWS) with her care, choosing and putting perfume on him with her own hands before he entered and after he finished his ihram and combing his hair when he was in I'tikaf. If all Muslimahs provide this kind of tenderness, her family life will be very much enhanced.

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Islam has clearly defined the limits of human conduct and behaviour and taken strong measures to safeguard the chastity, modesty and integrity of it's individuals, particularly women.
This book emphasizes the need for inculcating the protection of these virtues in a convincing and impressive manner.

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