Ways to encourage early literacy

Ways to encourage early literacy Research shows that it is never too early to introduce literacy to young children. Early literacy is everything the children know and understand about reading and writing before they can actually do it. It's about connecting the spoken language to written words. Breaking apart the words and making use of sounds of each syllable can help your child learn faster rather than simply teaching them the alphabets from A to Z. This is called "Phonetics Technique".

Give your little ones a head start in reading thru these simple yet exciting ways:

Alphabet Flash Cards by eeBoo Introduce big picture books and let her tell you the story based on what she understands from the book. You'll be surprise with her version of story. When you're reading to her, allow interruptions; she may want to ask questions either based on the stories or pictures. Make story-telling a daily ritual as this will indirectly strengthen the family bond as well.

In between reading sessions, ask her questions about the story you have read. This approach can help stimulate her brain development, increase her attention to details and vocabulary as well as develops her problem-solving skills. Implicitly, she is building connection between what you had read and what's in her mind, which will become the foundation of reading.

Bring literacy to her daily life. Encourage your child to involve in preparing the shopping lists. Show her the signage and billboards along the roadside when travelling with her. Read out loud and ask her to imitate, it will be fun too.

Race to the Roof Game by Ravensburger The popular ABC song is a useful introduction to letters, but it is not sufficient to assist your child grasp the reading skill. It is more complex than just reciting the alphabet - it's about recognizing the letters. Play word games with her, i.e. during any activities together ask her to tell any objects that start with the letter "P". Such games may help her identify letters and learn the order of the alphabet, critical skills for reading.

You can teach her how letters make up words, thru a game, of course.

Take her to the nearby library and encourage her to borrow whatever books she likes. Some libraries organize weekly or monthly events for young children to encourage early literacy, urge her to join in. Such activities may boost her literacy development and may even improve her self confidence level.

In order to read the written words, your child must have a strong command of the oral language. To gain this, involve her actively in conversation which will expose her to more words and build up her vocabulary. To build her reading skills systematically you must spend at least fifteen minutes a day with her, alone. Remember that you must put an extra effort to develop literacy, and the success will be so sweet when she surprises you with new words!

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