Book Review: The Stallion

by Harold Robbins

Book Review: The Stallion by Harold Robbins This is the first time I read a Harold Robbins book, and I'm impressed - it kept me going till the wee hours in the morning, kept my mind on the ambitious yet passionate characters in this compelling story and made me glued to it at every opportunity.

The flow of The Stallion is not too fast-paced, yet it's able to string you along efficiently. And, I'm thankful it's all just fictional as the ugliness of the human race is effectively brought out by the author. Yet, un-doubly, stories of tyranny, manipulation through sex, lies upon lies, and other very un-Islamic qualities are not uncommon in today's world. Thus, if we are able to recognize it, we can take measures to prevent them from ruining our lives.

Read this book for its good story line, and open your eyes to how unscrupulous people can be. With the Grace of Allah, may we only see such characters in books and never in person.

The book is available at Alibris, click here: The Stallion by Harold Robbins

ISBN-10: 067187294X
ISBN-13: 978-0671872946
Author: Harold Robbins
Publisher: Pocket (December 1, 1996)
Pages: 400 Binding: Mass Paper Back
Description from the publisher:

Generations apart, automotive titan Loren Hardeman I and ex-car driver Angelo Perino were equals in their vision, arrogance, and lust for women. But in a sudden show of blood loyalty, the old man fired Perino after using him to defeat his grandson, Loren III, in a desperate corporate battle. Humiliated, Loren III had Perino savagely beaten - but not to death.

Now, an uneasy truce with Loren III brings Perino back to Bethlehem Motors - to pit his creative genius against his rival's dissolute legacy of blackmail, sexual scandal, and murder. In a contest spanning two decades, raging from Detroit to Tokyo, New York, Palm Beach, and London, two bitter enemies will fight for fortunes and glory - and for the power to destroy each other.

This shocking sequel to "The Betsy" brings readers on a violent roller-coaster ride of aggressive ambition and dangerous passion in the auto industry that will consume all in its naked fury of the Loren Hardeman I empire. As Loren Hardeman III assumes power over the Bethlehem Motor Empire, his greed and indecisiveness becomes his folly and he battles with the more popular Angelo Perino for control over what he thinks is rightfully his. However, other factors out of his grasp come into play and he's at the losing end.

The Stallion is a wild sizzling tour de force by the most enduring novelist of our time.

The book is available at Alibris, click here: The Stallion by Harold Robbins

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